Anna visits Jaribuni Village

The Child to Child for Africa Foundation was established in 2002 in Lugano with the aim of operating in the educational and financial studies for young Africans providing professional trainings and investing funds for the construction and renewal of school facilities.

One of these projects focuses on poverty reduction, education and training, food support of the families in need, health promotion and support of those parents developing income-generating activities in 4 rural villages, among which Jaribuni in Kilifi County.

There I observed large and often single-parent families, a very high rate of illiteracy, poor group collaboration and – measured in terms of access to water, food, education, medical care and poor hygiene – widespread poverty.

The intervention here includes placement of children in schools via distance adoption, women’s empowerment and children’s rights meetings, hygiene education, food support, initiation of income-generating activities with parents.