The Child to Child for Africa Foundation was established in 2002 in Lugano with the aim of operating in the educational and financial studies for young Africans providing professional trainings and investing funds for the construction and renewal of school facilities.

As part of this project, The Mama Lorenza’s Vocational Center was founded in 2011 in Ukunda.
Constantly working on female empowerment and simultaneously providing psychological support in a safe and secure environment, The Mama Lorenza’s Vocational Center focuses on professional education of young girls with stormy past until they get their diploma. Every year the center hosts around 70 students and employs circa 12 local people.

The 2 years offered training includes tailoring and leather processing, hairdressing and cosmesis. All students take computer science courses, they learn management, cooking and help with the cultivation of fruit vegetables – for internal use and for sale — in the garden located inside the center. They contribute to bread production and chicken breeding. The center is provided with a showroom and a saloon so that the girls can sell their handmade creations and work as beauticians for the community.

Each of them gets counseling sessions encouraging autonomy and empowering decision making.
When the 2 mandatory years period ends they take an exam and obtain a diploma, their key to the labor market.