Laura Garau – stage name Low – is a singer songwriter born and raised in Sardinia and currently based in Berlin.
She started to play the keyboards and piano at the age of 11 and after 2 years – inspired by one of her favourite songwriters – she decided to learn how to play the acoustic and electric guitar.

During the last couple of years she decided to give voice to her inner world through music, sounds and written texts. Her lyrics are inspired by her background and the events that she experienced in the last 5 years of her life.
Her music is an expression of deep, warm and melancholic pop with some elements of indie music.
During her live performances she is able to combine different styles of music to take you on an emotional journey where she expresses feelings like tenderness, passion, vulnerability, rage and sarcasm.

Some of these photos were taken to promote her second single ‘Blade of Glass’, some others portray her during the shooting of her video clip for ‘Fabulous Lies’ – a single she has released on the 14th of February 2020.

The four elements shots where taken in the event of the release of her last new Italian single ‘Vertigine’ (out on September 2020) on all online shops.