Given the complexity of film distribution, and its commitment to balance both the economic and the artistic, festivals are an indispensable platform and often the only way to ensure a free space for new voices and experimentations in cinema.
In this manner, the founders of Visionär hope to contribute to foster the cinema culture that they perceive as important for individual growth as well as for development of the community. Visionär directs its attention to those directors who, by facing the full-length feature format for the first time, are not afraid of breaking the schemes and demonstrate narrative and aesthetic originality.
It offers a selection of new talents from around the world who prove to be daring, original and visionary in their debut.

Visionär aims to screen new author films that are unreleased in Germany, even in the art oriented city of Berlin: these photos were taken during the 4th edition of Visionär Film Festival in Berlin at ACUDkino in September 2020.