In 2016 I decided to take a break from the big city life.

I didn’t mean taking a vacation or going on a pre-planned trip, I just wanted to make the journey out to somewhere I’ve never gone before with an open schedule, curious eyes and a good dose of empathy.

I had been feeling like wanting to know more about local communities and organizations helping poor and needy people – especially children and infants – long distance adoptions and financial support.

A few weeks before setting off, I came across two non-profit foundations of social utility called Germano Chincherini and Child to Child for Africa.

With particular regard to the most disadvantaged situations, the two associations have been operating in Africa, Italy, Switzerland and Venezuela in the educational field and financing studies, without distinction of sex and religion; they have built several facilities among which a Catholic primary school for girls and a family house for children orphans that I had the pleasure to visit in Ukunda, Kenya.

This gallery will contain photos of my whole trip there. I’m uploading them gradually and looking forward to showing you the full collection. If you’d like to see them as soon as they hit the site, be sure to sign up to the newsletter.